Thursday, December 10, 2009

What to do?

I'm in a stretch of unemployment at the moment that I suspect will last for a while. I'm doing a bit of community work on the side, but I'd like to get back into game design. The more interesting ideas I've had so far are:

1. Resurrect the Arthurian RPG
This one has been around and around. This was its last incarnation, involving a deck of cards with quotes from Malory to stimulate story-telling, with every player playing a knight on a quest of some sort. I'm thinking of doing something similar, but different. The setting is a knight and his retinue on a quest. The knight will achieve some sort of resolution (success or some sort of revelation about himself). The players of the game play the knight's hangers-on. (A sage, a rogue, a dwarf, a damsel, whatever). They players compete, somewhat, to decide the fate of their "extras." Who will turn out to be an evil villain? Who will turn out to be a hero(ine) in their own right? Etc. Character creation will be based on the use of adjectives. I'm sure the more I think about this concept that I want to avoid numbers as much as possible. Still, it's a bit like "London Pleasures" from Keep the Aspidistra Flying: the work that the young would-be poet continues adding to, editing, and carrying around, trying to convince himself that he'll finish it, trying to convince himself that he really is an artist...

2. PeasantKwest
Or something similar. I'd like an rpg in which the players are peasants, rather than heroes. Wat Tyler meets the IRA?

3. Just a regular old adventure
I've got my hands on a few new manuals that I'd like to try out: Fairy Tale, Kobolds Ate My Baby, and Burning Wheel. All look vaguely interesting, and maybe it would be nice to just try one of them for a laugh, and do a bit of GMing, rather than trying to make an entirely new system.

4. Some sort of educational games
I'd like to design a unit of medieval history based entirely on the use of games. Hmm.

I miss gaming. I haven't had any time for it in months.

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